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Registering a Death

Registering a death is an important step that needs to be completed once you have received the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. This should be in the district where the passing took place. Currently, the Medical Certificate will be sent electronically to the registrar.

Contact for the Durham Local registrar is in link here: Register offices – Durham County Council

Who can register the death?

The individual responsible for registering a death  is usually a relative of the deceased, a person who was present when the death occurred or the person who is arranging the funeral (eg Executor).

What information is needed to register a death?

  • Full name and any previous names used
  • Date and place of birth
  • Date and place of death
  • Occupation
  • Last address
  • If married, full name, date of birth and occupation of the surviving spouse
  • If they were in receipt of any state pension or benefits
  • Their National Insurance number and that of any surviving husband, wife or civil partner

They will also need the following documents:

  • The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
  • The NHS medical card of the person who has died (if available)
  • The Birth certificate of the person who has died
  • The Marriage or civil partnership certificate of the person who has died (if applicable)

This will allow the registrar to issue the following documentation:

  1. Certificate for Burial or Cremation ‘Green Form’, currently sent directly to the Cemetery or Crematorium or the funeral director, this allows the funeral to go ahead.
  2. A form to send to the Department of Work and Pensions.
  3. The death certificate, you will be able to purchase extra copies at this time, which will be required by banks, building societies, insurance policies and solicitors.