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Types of burials

Depending on the location of the burial taking place, there will be different factors to take into consideration. Whether you already have a family burial plot in a cemetery to re-open or you would like to purchase a new one, we can assist you throughout this process and speak to the authority on your behalf. Please note, if there is a current headstone connected to a family plot, this may need to be removed temporarily for the re-open to take place.

At the interment, our team would lower the coffin into the ground, however, if you would like family members or friends to assist with the lowering for a more personal goodbye, please let us know.

Traditional burials

A traditional burial could take place in a churchyard or local cemetery, we would liaise with the organisation on your behalf. Our monumental mason could install a headstone or add wording to an existing one after the burial takes place. Head to our directory to find your nearest local cemetery or churchyard.

Woodland ‘Green’ Burial

An alternative option to a traditional burial, this offers an eco- friendly and more natural way of being laid to rest. Each site has their own rules and regulations, however, commonly a headstone is not permitted, and the grave would be marked with a memorial tree or flowers. Some sites do offer a small chapel where a service can be held, or the service can be taken around the graveside.

Types of Service

Religious service

Our team can help arrange a service that suits yours and your loved one’s religious views. When arranging a Church service, individual factors, such as the number of mourners that can attend and the option of a live stream for those who are unable to attend, are dependent on the church you choose to hold the service in. However, we will confirm all the finer details with the minister at the time of booking and you will be notified as soon as possible.

If you would not like to attend church, but are still wanting a religious service, we can organise for the minister to conduct the funeral at your chosen crematorium or graveside. The vicar or priest will contact you prior to the funeral to discuss the service and what will be included.

Non- Religious service

For those who are wanting a non-religious service, we can arrange for our trusted celebrant to plan a fitting and personal service with you for their loved one prior to the funeral taking place. The celebrant will discuss your personal preferences for the service, from family tributes, poems, reflection music and readings, to make sure the service tailored to your needs.